{ The Site }

Virtual Gnosis is my personal website/blog/portal mainly about virtualization, with its primary focus on VMware. In Addition to that, there will be posts about Automation, Storage and Linux.

The idea behind creating Virtual Gnosis is to have a centralized place for my notes and personal documentation, and also share the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.

{ The Name }

Virtual – in essence, but not in fact (so many definitions out there)

Gnosis – is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.)

{ Me }

My name is Dimos Gorogias and I work for a leading independent commodity trading and logistics company, in the IT Engineering department where my main focus is virtualization, storage and linux.

I live with my wife, Tonia, and our 2 boys in London.

{ Disclaimer }

Any views or opinions expressed here in this website are strictly my own, and do not reflect the views and opinions of my employer.