Upload ISO to Content Library with PowerCLI and REST API

At work, there was a requirement to upload an ISO to the vSphere Content Library in an automated fashion (no GUI).

With PowerCLI 11, New-ContentLibrary commandlet seemed to do the job and creates and uploads the ISO file.

However, it creates and uploads the file as type: ‘file’

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Testing MS SQL Server connection with no tools

I am in the process of creating a Horizon 7.12 Lab, and when I was configuring the Event Database, I couldn’t connect to my Events Database on default port 1433. As I don’t have much experience with MS SQL, I found out that you can test connectivity with just a simple file with *.udl extension (Universal Data Link).


Open Notepad and do a “Save As”, then type the name of the file with the .udl extension in double quotes (so notepad doesn auto add .txt).

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